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Miscellaneous stuff!
William Hopper Biography: A biog of our good man, written by the webmistress of this site.

Pulp novels: Here you'll find my collection of pulp novels (mostly in the mystery genre, and a large number of them Perry Mason), with scans of front and back covers, and then, as I think of them/read them, plot summaries and reviews.

Notebook: Personal observations, PM- or Billy-oriented dreams, and weird nonsense. Read at your own risk.

Episode by Episode: Sort of an episode guide; my perceptions regarding each show.

X's favourites: My favourite epsidodes, character actors/actresses, favourite images of Mr. William Dewolf Hopper Jr., and more.

X's Bio: In case you were wondering about the person who created this website. Nothing exciting. Think of this as TCOT Good-Natured Nutcase.

Desktops: Perry Mason images, massive enough for your computer desktop!

Telephoning information: The numbers and info you'll need should you wish to contact Perry, Paul or Della (and maybe some others).

DVD updates: Thus far, we have up to series five as well as a 50th Anniversary special edition with a (magnificent) extras disc. Thank you Masonites for responding to the call to action, and thank you CBS for releasing the DVDs!

The Perry Mason-Poirot Connexion: My two favourite programmes and their commonalities.

Broadcast television: Want to watch Perry on tele or the web?

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Perry Mason's Paul Drake.